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Prof. Richard Bush

University of NSW


Professor Richard Bush, Chief Environmental Scientist at NEOM.

Professor Bush is also a prominent Australian Environmental Scientist specialising in the area of land and water management, natural resource assessment, land use planning and geoscience based technologies. He has worked with industry, government and academia, published over 200 scientific reports and in the past 10 years has won in excess of $10 million of competitive funding to support his research. His focus is in policy and strategy which promotes economic, environmental and social balance for sustainable regional development.

Professor Bush was appointed as the inaugural Crown Land Commissioner in November 2018 under the Crown Land Management Act 2016 which commenced in July 2018. The role fulfils a number of important functions, including providing independent advice to the Minister for Water, Property and Housing, Crown land users, the community, stakeholders and the NSW government. The Commissioner is an independent statutory officer and sits separately from the Crown Lands department.

Prof. Richard Bush
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