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Prof. Tim Roberts AM

University of Newcastle


Tim Roberts is a biologist with an enduring interest in bringing science to the public. Born in South Australia and spending his childhood on farms across that State, Tim was fortunate to have parents who saw that an education was key to a comfortable adult life. He completed a Bachelor of Science degree at Adelaide University and then moved into the start of his research scientific career with a PhD scholarship at Flinders University. Subsequent scholarships led to post-doctoral study in Brussels and Cambridge before beginning as a Lecturer in Biology at the University of Newcastle, where he is still active in research as an Emeritus Professor.

His leadership of the Tom Farrell Institute for the Environment (at UON) from 2010 -2018, focused on rehabilitation of land post mining.

Current projects in Newcastle, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Kenya focus on environmental sustainability and endemic species conservation.

Prof. Tim Roberts AM
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