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Prof. Haikai Tane

Australian National University / University of British Colombia

New Zealand

Haikai Tane is a multi-disciplinary professional geographer, ecologist and planner with 30 years international experience. Working across traditional disciplines and public/private sector boundaries throughout his career, Haikai Tane’s professional practice systematically integrates landscape ecology, resource economics, environmental planning, community development and international law ~ within wide ranging social, cultural and institutional frameworks.

Haikai Tane has practical and applied experience in commerce and business, research and development, local and regional governments, state and federal agencies, catchment authorities and watershed organisations. His connections with academia – participating as a leading professional practitioner - include designing and auditing new courses; lecturing in environmental planning, community development and geographic information systems; and researching and developing user-friendly environmental imaging systems.

Inaugurated a full professor in year 2000, Prof Tane leads the Watershed Systems Center for Catchment Ecology research and development (R&D) program. His team building and training programs for multidisciplinary R&D GiS projects are acclaimed internationally. Whether working through participatory programs or environmental technologies, his practical, learning-by-doing methods for capacity building, environmental restoration and rural livelihoods focus on community and regional initiatives for sustainable development.

Haikai has a special affinity for traditional knowledge systems, indigenous iconography and cultural intelligence in the Asia-Pacific realm.

Prof. Haikai Tane
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