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Martina Eiseltová

Charles University (Prague)

Czech Republic

Martina Eiseltová graduated from Agriculture University in 1987 and from the Faculty of Sciences (specialisation: Limnology) of Charles University in 1991, both in her home city of Prague, Czech Republic.

Between 1992-1996 she worked as a Training Officer at the International Waterfowl and Wetlands Research Bureau, later Wetlands International, in Slimbridge, United Kingdom. She was responsible for the development of a wetland management training programme, especially focused on the region of Central and Eastern Europe. After five years in Slimbridge, Martina moved back to her home country where she was instrumental in founding and running a Wetland Training Centre based in Třeboň.

From 2008 till 2013 she served as the Scientific Secretary and Head of the Secretariat of the Director at the Crop Research Institute in Prague, where she held a research position between the years 2013-2019. Her main research interests are interactions of wetlands and agriculture, the role of wetlands in water and nutrient retention and cycling, wetland restoration and sustainable management of catchments.

Martina is an editor of three training handbooks: Restoration of Lake Ecosystems (IWRB, 1994), Restoration of Stream Ecosystems (IWRB, 1995), and Restoration of Lakes, Streams, Floodplains and Bogs in Europe: principles and case studies (Springer, 2010). Since 2019 Martina has been working at the Center for Theoretical Study, a joint institute of Charles University and the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. She is a member of the Czech Ramsar Committee and National Focal point for the Czech Republic of the Scientific and Technical Review Panel of the Ramsar Convention.

Martina Eiseltová
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