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Dr. Bill Hurditch

University of New England


Bill Hurditch is an ecologist who advises on natural resources, agribusiness and environmental services in Australia, the UK and the USA.

His domain expertise in terrestrial ecology and his commercial skills have informed his career in leading several peak industry associations, providing advice on sustainability strategy, risk and related disciplines, and coordinating investment feasibilities.

He is currently focusing on the circular economy in manufacturing and agribusiness and assessing and monetising natural capital assets such as forest and soil carbon and biodiversity.

Bill is a visiting academic and senior member of Linacre College, Oxford University, where he has lectured and conducted research in soil science, resource economics and ecology.

He spends part of his time working in the UK and Europe on consulting assignments.

He has a Bachelor of Science (Ecology, Natural Resource Management, Agronomy & Soil Science) and a PhD in Science (Ecology and Biogeochemistry of Forest Ecosystems).

Dr. Bill Hurditch
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