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A Better and More Cost-Effective Solution to the Proposed $2+ Billion Raising of the Warragamba Dam Wall

Catchment wide landscape rehydration and restoration is a viable alternative to raising Warragamba Dam.

Submission to Federal Government

Cabinet / Committee:

For the consideration of PM & Cabinet / Treasury / Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water.

Date of Submission:

13th March 2023

Relationship to previous decisions:

ICER has recommended a VETO of the mooted NSW Government policy to raise the Warragamba Dam wall, at a cost of $2+ billion, ostensibly to mitigate future flood damage and risk to life.This is not a cost-effective solution compared with a far cheaper proposed land management alternative.



Financial Impact:

YES – A $1+ billion cost saving benefit for Australiantaxpayers

Legislative change:

NO – Using proven, simple landscape science understanding will save taxpayer dollars and achieve a much better, and more permanent outcome.

Submission type:

This is a private submission made by a group of concerned scientists, land management & sustainable agriculture experts. At a recent summit meeting held in Berrima NSW, 100% of the 25 attendees gave their endorsement to request a feasibility study be conducted into this alternative solution to raising the Warragamba Dam wall.

Summit attendees included:

  • NSW Government Member for Goulburn, Wendy Tuckerman.

  • NSW Government Member for Wollondilly, Nathaniel Smith.

  • Gundungurra (First Nations) people.

  • Independent Council for Ecosystem Restoration ( scientists and directors.

  • RegenAction (NFP regeneration organisation) Chair and executives.

  • Goulburn / Mulwaree Landcare Chair.

  • Experienced Regeneration practitionersHigh profile community leaders and advocates for a Warragamba solution that delivers the most cost-effective solution.

Read the full Submission and supporting documents:

Download PDF • 2.31MB

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