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Facts verified by science

The Problem

Misinformation spreads faster than the truth.

Technology now enable agendas, spin and misinformation to go viral with greater velocity & impact than ever before. A recent study found lies spread 6-times faster than truth. This is a big problem, since without knowing what is reliable or truthful, people cannot make better decisions that help their lives, their country or the world around them.

Our Solution

A platform to verify facts from ecosystem restoration experts that allows the emergent truth to spread quickly.

Our solution is to empower practitioners and land managers to directly ask experts to verify a claim they have read and for a consensus to quickly aggregate and spread, allowing the sector to make better decisions.



We combine the power of Wikipedia style crowd-sourcing with the scientific method itself. Within science, claims are continuously scrutinised and taken through a collective review process via many other experts. This is sometimes called a ‘meta-analysis’. Over time, claims that have no basis in evidence die and the emergent truth flourishes.

We want everyone to ask questions about anything related to ecosystem restoration. We will seek to find the most trusted independent experts to verify the claim. But like a meta-analysis in science, we ask many experts to answer allowing a consensus to be presented. This aggregated more scientific approach in answering questions diverges significantly from existing fact-checking sites or Q&A platforms, allowing people to learn and act on trusted scientific evidence.


Be curious. We continuously question everything. This allows everyone to adapt and find the best outcome.

Be open. We follow open science principles, meaning all of our content can be accessed and shared without limitation. We only ask that you attribute us and the experts when sharing.

Be independent. We don’t take sides –ever. The only thing we don’t compromise are the facts.


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